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Is this another app for learning English?

We believe that the most important part of language is to be able to easily formulate thoughts and maintain a dialogue in it. This requires a lot of practice, and our application focuses on the conversational component, unlike the vast majority of other applications for learning English.
Why should I choose an AI tutor and not a human?

Not everyone has the financial opportunity to study a lot with a human tutor. Therefore, we suggest that you communicate with a machine that is cheaper and available 24/7.
But there are free conversation clubs and language exchange?

Yes, and it's a good way to practice the language, but not to learn it. In the mentioned variants, no one pays 100% of their attention to you, they poorly control your mistakes and certainly do not offer a personal selection of exercises.
Can I communicate with AI as a person on the phone?

While we have only the chat function available, we are working on the ability to call and communicate as with a real person. We plan to release it in 2022.
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