Improve your
English with an
Improve your English by communicating
with an artificial intelligence named Slai
Communicate in English
With caring artificial intelligence.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes
Slai will highlight them and show you how to write correctly.
Delve into grammar
Slai teach you to use words in the correct form.
Do the exercises
Slai constantly analyzes your speech and makes a personal selection.
Track your progress
Work out the weaknesses and grow every day.
Why Slai?
There is no
fear and shyness
Experiment with the language as you like, and no one will reproach you for it.
error correction
Language exchange and group classes cannot give you 100% of their attention.
Unlimited access to communication
Unlike a human tutor,
who cannot be available 24/7.
Start plan
/per month
Basic plan
/per month
PRO plan
Indication of errors
Unlimited chat access
Full-fledged analysis of grammatical errors
Personalized educational program
Basic customization
Basic statistics
Everything that is in the Start plan
soon in 2022
Advanced statistics
Advanced customization
educational program
Voice communication
Everything that is in the Basic plan
It's time to improve
your English
Because by exercises and memorizing words alone, the communication skill will not appear
Is this another app for learning English?

We believe that the most important part of language is to be able to easily formulate thoughts and maintain a dialogue in it. This requires a lot of practice, and our application focuses on the conversational component, unlike the vast majority of other applications for learning English.
Why should I choose an AI tutor and not a human?

Not everyone has the financial opportunity to study a lot with a human tutor. Therefore, we suggest that you communicate with a machine that is cheaper and available 24/7.
But there are free conversation clubs and language exchange?

Yes, and it's a good way to practice the language, but not to learn it. In the mentioned variants, no one pays 100% of their attention to you, they poorly control your mistakes and certainly do not offer a personal selection of exercises.
Can I communicate with AI as a person on the phone?

While we have only the chat function available, we are working on the ability to call and communicate as with a real person. We plan to release it in 2022.
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